(Dance and Theatre Solo)


Francisco Lorza's latest show

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This show has a minimalist "mise en place", where Dance, Theatre, Music, and Voice combine and meld into a single expression of art and creativity, with passion, being the fire that melds them together with a magnifying effect. 

With this unique show, Francisco Lorza drives us down to an ocean deep experience, full of emotions, sensations, and expressions of human nature. With soulful images that invite reflection; it highlights the importance of going back to nature; connecting with mother earth; reminds us to let go the things unmoving and unchanging. 

It revindicates the genuine, tribal and ancestral, bringing our minds to acknowledge again the essence of our being, because, when the time comes to journey towards the unknown, there will have been very few things that will have really been worth it in this world.


Created and directed by Francisco Lorza

Duration of the show: 55 minutes

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